In The Studio with Amelia Hay

We recently had the pleasure of working with model & actress Amelia Hay. Amelia is fantastic; always brings a level of professionalism that makes working with her effortless.

Before heading back to Toronto, Amelia stopped by our studio for a stylized portfolio building session.

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Fredericton Pride Parade 2019

As the official Pride week comes to an end in Fredericton, we thought we would relive the glorious moments from this years Pride Parade!

The day started off with a downpour! Thankfully it held off for all the dedicated volunteers & participants. Here’s the full collection of images Creative Supply Productions captured that afternoon.

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Be Stylish, Be YOU - Fashion Designer Adrienne Goodine

I was always envious of my mothers collection of elegant pieces and would bother her relentlessly until she would let me borrow something and wear it to school. Who knew as the years past, I would meet this designer and get to work with her.

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